The workshop was a success! Thanks to the organizers of the GRAFFF Festival and to Luis Quesada for coming out and sharing his skills of over 20+ years. The project, "Write. See. Talk." was funded by private donors using Kickstarter. Special thanks to the following donors: Gabriel Roldos, Terrina Daugherty, the Jeiven Family, Carolyn Lockhart, Raquel Kriticos, Carlos Alcobia, Ted Rierderer, Rachel Hauer, Alex Sherker, Elke Weejes, Kirsten Flaherty, Christos Xidias, Marissa Bea, Aileen Leung, Karina Aguilar, Will Oakes, Jennifer Skog, Fernanda Espinosa Darquea, Karina Aguilar, Grace Mateo, Shannon Beal, Lori Peek, Jesse Gartman, Diana Williams, and Jamie Eng. Additionally, I would like to thank Mike Levine and Kristy Schopper of The Space.

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  • Diablo Uma

    Linoleum on Rives BFK. The "Diablo Uma" is being offered as one of the gifts in my latest Kickstarter campaign. Aid from the campaign is to help not only myself, but fellow artist, Raul Ayala, provide supplies for our workshop "Write. See. Talk". taking place this fall in Ecuador. The United Journal of Academics and Social Sciences did a brief write up about the project. At the bottom of the page is a link to the Kickstarter. All donations are appreciated and will be used for the sole purpose of the requirements necessary in this workshop.